Saturday Small Talk

It’s Saturday. The coffee is doing its thing in the french press. Bob is making breakfast. We only have a couple of little (fun) things to do today, and the rest is just…freedom. Last night, we watched The Theory of Everything. It was so good. If you’re looking for an affordable night in, you won’t regret it.


Here are some links for your morning internet wanderings:

Do you journal? Science has some interesting things to say about the practice.

10 things in your basement (or storage) you should sort, throw out, or donate. I’m guilty as charged on several counts.

The Washington Post says Americans should drink more coffee. Because science. Challenge accepted.

All of the diagrams you’ll ever need to decorate your house. Most helpful: gallery wall setups and the indoor plant guide.

Some names are more common, depending on your profession. I couldn’t find my name (boo). What were you meant to be?

Not everyone is naturally gifted to be an entrepreneur.

This blogger lost 15 American habits when she moved to Australia. Number 11 would be the hardest. Ew.

Optical illusions that are much more interesting to look at than a black and blue (white and gold?) dress.

Enjoy your weekend!

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