Saturday Small Talk

Here we are again- a gorgeous Saturday! It looks a bit like a snow globe outside, and we’re enjoying a relative heatwave–it’s going to hit 20 degrees (F). Happy dance.

I got to spend the morning snuggling my precious niece. I’m not entirely sure what we’ll do with our afternoon/evening. It’s really nice not to have plans every once and awhile.


Here is a surprising way to tell if you’re with the right person.

Ever struggle with gifts for a new mom? This is an adorable care package that can be easily hand delivered or shipped. I need to up my new-baby-gifting game!

‘Tis is the season for comfort food! 17 recipes to get you started.

34 easy DIY projects. I want to try #8 and #12.

A couple in Arizona used an old grain silo to create their 190 sq. foot home. It’s surprisingly beautiful.

How do you approach the topic of sex with your kids? Made me laugh. Tears-streaming, breath-gasping laugh.

Shauna Niequist just posted a list of 20 books she’s read recently.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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