Saturday Small Talk

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day at the beginning of a polar vortex kind of weekend here in Michigan. I’m not too sad, because it looks like a snow globe out there. Plus, I have coffee, which helps make any circumstance happier. Obviously.

IMG_20150214_075722My confession for the week: I hopped on the Downton Abbey train. And it’s awesome. I’ve wasted way too much time in the last few days sitting on my rear watching TV–this show sucks you in! Downton fans, tell me I’m not alone here. Please?

If you’re looking for a vacation destination where you can get great food without breaking your travel budget, look no further: 7 Cities for Frugal Foodies.

The concept of “kid food” is creating a generation of picky eaters. Here’s how it happened and why it should stop. (So 2014,  but still relevant and a good read!)

Have you ever tried a food at a restaurant and wanted to know how they did it? 12 copycat soup recipes.

Breakfast pizza! Bonus: it’s gluten free. I want to try it.

Best for last: a hilarious 5 minute video about boredom, creativity, and why our phones are holding our good ideas hostage. Definitely worth watching. If you liked it, check out the video by the same guy about sleeping at work.

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