February Goals

It’s February, friends! And it’s going to be a good month. We don’t have plans to go anywhere, and that makes me pretty happy. The busier I am and the more I’m gone (ahem, January), the more I appreciate being home. I’m currently craving a snow day, so northern Michigan–what have you? Where’s our blizzard? I want a snowed in, lazy day. ABM_1422977820A few goals for the month:

  • Make a new-to-us dinner/entree.
  • Start a knitting project on circular needles.
  • Attempt printing tea towels.
  • Join the Y. Swim and take one class per week.
  • De-clutter! I’m on a roll these days, and have a couple of closets that could use some attention.
  • Deep clean the kitchen.
  • Finish our 2014 photobook
  • Start the photography class I purchased (online!)
  • Snowshoe AT LEAST once per week. If this is all the snow we’re getting, I want to live it up.

I wanna know: What are you up to this month? Any big plans?

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