Sunday Small Talk

How is it Sunday already, folks? This weekend is flying by. We’ve spent a majority of it in the great outdoors working on snow sculptures. Full post coming next weekend! If you’re local, swing by the lake and check out our progress.


I hope the remainder of your weekend is lovely. If you need some browsing suggestions for your internet meanderings, look no further!

It might be awhile before my “travel the world” dream becomes a reality. In the meantime, it’s fun to read about other people and their adventures. Seven tips for traveling the world on a small budget.

Michael Hyatt shares the sleep habits of high performing athletes. Bottom line: if you want to get more done, you need to sleep more, not less.

A beautiful essay about a couple and their journey through mental illness. A friendly reminder to be grateful for health: mental and physical.

Ella Frances Sanders is an illustrator who creates prints of untranslatable words from other languages. Her work is worth a look!

Are you a naturally cold or warm person, body temperature-wise? There are several reasons why you may fall in one group or another.

I adored this thought provoking essay on yoga pants. Not kidding–it’s worth a read.

Have you hopped on the Serial bandwagon? You know, the podcast Serial. If you have, here’s a timeline of events in the case since Serial began. If you haven’t, go on a long road trip and give it a listen. It will suck you in.

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