Saturday Small Talk

ABM_1421496260It’s Saturday! Today is a work day for me, as I’m accompanying a bunch of students at our district’s Solo and Ensemble Festival. While long and challenging, these days are always fun!

If you’re looking for some reading material for this weekend, here are some suggestions:

Selfie sticks have arrived in the US. We saw them all over Charleston when we there a couple of weeks ago. What are your thoughts? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Here’s a handy guide to help determine if you need a selfie stick in your life.

Do you ever find yourself in an unexplainable funk (or even an explainable one)? Here are some tips to kick it to the curb.

You could fall in love with anyone.

There are only 6 food trends you need to be aware of for 2015. Bring on bugs, butter, and millet.

Do you want to do some traveling this year? Here are 50 unpredictable places to go, the top places foreigners travel when they come to the states, and the 10 best long treks in the world.

Speaking of treks, two guys summitted the Dawn Wall of El Capitan this past week. They chat about their experience and what it feels like to accomplish something this amazing with the New York Times.

A dog in Seattle hops on a bus all by herself to go to the dog park, and sits there like a human waiting for her stop. It’s adorable.

Happy weekend, friends!

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