Saturday Small Talk

Congratulations on surviving your first full work week of 2015! Phew. I have a few hours of rehearsal today, but other than that, I’m delightfully unoccupied and able to enjoy my Saturday.

20150107_083455If you’re leisurely browsing the internet this morning, here are some suggestions:

Donald Miller shared a great 5 part series this past week. He kicked it off with: Why Refusing to Change is Killing You. Start there, and scroll through the rest–you won’t be sorry. The one that resonated the most for me was about learning how to quit.

I’m in love with all of the paper products at I.e. these recipe cards, this letterpress calendar, and any and all of these greeting cards.

There are two guys who are currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. In the winter. This makes them crazy.

2015 is going to offer us many books-turned-films. Here are some must reads before they hit the big screen.

Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Winter comfort food at it’s finest.

Is blogging dead? A short essay on The State of Blogging, followed by tips from Emily P. Freeman for staying sane on the internet as a reader and/or writer this year.

Enjoy your Saturday, friends!

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