Saturday Small Talk

Welcome to the Saturday before Christmas. What are you up to? Last minute shopping? Christmas parties? Winter outdoor fun?

This past week was busy in my world–my students’ piano recital, the work kids’ Christmas program, several rehearsals, and my last week of piano lessons. Busy but good! Now that the crazy is all over, I woke up with the beginnings of a cold. Cross your fingers with me, friends! I. Do. Not. Want. To. Be. Sick. I’ve been ramping up my vitamin consumption this week as a feeble pre-emptive strike. I’m drinking tea and enjoying the view from my couch. What else can I do? What tips do you have for discouraging winter colds?


Here are some suggestions for your weekend reading:

Are our kids over-scheduled? As a piano teacher, this fascinates me. On the flipside, here’s a TED talk with a compelling case for music education.

Health benefits of coffee consumption. Preach.

A recipe for a tropical turmeric smoothie. I need to go purchase some mango. STAT.

How do you choose the church you attend? Here’s a list of 4 reasons you shouldn’t settle on one church over another.

Five Winter Cocktails.

One more music one. The science behind singing well.

May your Saturday be sane and contain (at least a little bit of) rest!

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