Sunday Small Talk

Yesterday was so full of all things wonderful. We started the day by canning some applesauce. Bob graciously volunteered to finish up the process (thank you!) so I could go horseback riding with some old friends (thanks again!).We wrapped up our day with wings at BWW and a Michigan Tech hockey game at Ferris State. WE WON. Go Tech.


In other news, the colors are almost all off the trees up here. It’s been a GORGEOUS fall. I have no complaints.

IMG_20141019_173145Here’s some links for you Sunday web surfing:

Darcy sent me free online photography tutorials. They look great, and are totally going to be a winter project!

Ever struggle with introducing people to each other? Here is a better way to introduce your friends at parties.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. It’s a problem. I love it so.

Home, gym, and pool workouts. Great ideas to save you from “swim 1000 yards” or “run 4 miles.” Also, some great, short do-while-you-watch-TV toning ideas. I’m definitely trying some of these this winter!

Joy the Baker posted her favorite autumn eats. Delicious.

Enjoy your Sunday, friends!

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