Saturday Small Talk

Apples, apples, apples! Hopefully, a majority of these will be turned into applesauc this morning. I should probably get started… Before I do, here are some links for your Saturday morning browsing.

If you read nothing else, read this: My Beauty Uniform from Cup of Jo.

How American parenting is killing the American Marriage. I’m not a parent, but I found this interesting.

I made stove top mac and cheese for dinner last night. Oh my.

Chocolate Lover’s Cheesecake. Yes, please.

After seeing a photo of some adorable tea towels on The Orange Slate this morning, I’ve decided I have to have them. The bad news: they’re pricey.The good news, you can DIY them (of course you can)! Apartment Therapy has some great ideas for different patterns.

The Quality that Can’t be Taught. I heard Christy Wright speak last month, and love her blog.

Be nice to your spouse. And say kind things about them.

Enjoy your day, friends!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk

  1. Love these! So, I’ve got to know….where did you FIND prices for the tea towels?? Also, the article on parenting – intereessssting. Thought will be dedicated to this. Although I will say that Mark and I frequently talk about how Miles will be long grown and gone and we’ll still be stuck with each other.

    Finally – I love Cup of Jo. But her beauty uniform articles always make me feel like I waste too much time putting my makeup on. In a good way. Does that make sense? They’re very freeing.

    • I didn’t find those exact towels, but similar. And they’re pricey. SO let’s get our crafty on when you come visit in January. You in?

      Cup of Jo is just great. I think I have you to thank for my knowing who she is! That article series compelled me to focus on investing in a few good quality makeup items/beauty products. I just need to embrace the less is more! Quality over quantity.

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