Saturday Small Talk (October goals)

Howdy all! It’s Saturday.

I’m ukulele-ing it up at Interlochen, and I’m hoping to learn a lot. Youtube is a lovely thing when trying to learn a new skill, but eventually you reach the point of needing to learn from real people who do what you want to do. So wish me luck. I’m terrified I’ll be the only inexperienced one there!


September was a beautiful month here in Northern Michigan. Truly lovely!

  • Day hike! We hit up the North Country Trail, and did almost 8 miles. I saw the most gigantic snake (Blue Racer, if you’re curious). I didn’t know they made such creatures in the northland.


  • Finish canning tomatoes. We’re pretty much done. We have 16 quarts, and Bob picked the remaining ones yesterday. They’re hanging out in the garage, turning red.
  • Can applesauce and apple pie in a jar. Nope. Waiting for the rest of our apples to get here.
  • Run 3 times per week, including one long run. Done!
  • Make a pumpkin treat of some kind. Done. Pumpkin bread, if you’re curious.
  • Paint the two end tables in our living room, as well as complete a couple of other “decorate with very little budget” projects. Did not paint. But what did happen was even better. Post forthcoming.

With the arrival of October, fall is in full swing. Bring on the cider, slippers, and coziness. Here’s what’s up in my world:

  • More baking. I can’t help myself.
  • Rock a 10k–shooting for a PR.
  • Finish my current knitting project. I’m so close.
  • Pull off the anniversary party the sister-in-law and I are planning for my in-laws.
  • Try 1 new dinner/entree recipe.

What’s happening for you this month?

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