Saturday Small Talk

It’s Saturday! I was hoping for sunny and in the 60s today. What I got is dreary and in the (barely) 50s. Ah well. Such is spring in Michigan? At least there’s some green grass attempting to make an appearance!

I had a GREAT piano lesson yesterday (phew), and ended the day celebrating the husband, baby sister, my brother, and his fiance. All of their birthdays are within a month of each other, so we went out to dinner and headed back to Mom’s house for cake and presents. On the docket today–practicing, a bit of indoor spring cleaning, some website updates, and a concert with my mom!

I made an addition to my goals list for this month– go through all of my clothing and purge ruthlessly. My inspiration: Update your Wardrobe for Under $20.

In other news, I found my birthday cake for this year (3 months before the fact). It’s going to be a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake. This year is my golden birthday. Any suggestions for making it especially fun and great?

Healthy muffins. Mmmmm good.

The Numbers that Worry Me–an interesting look at our economy and where it’s headed.

Finally, if you’re a parent or intend to be a parent one day, this book is a must read. Plus, if you order Smart Money Smart Kids in the next 9 days, you get free stuff! Here’s more info, including a link to a sample of the book.

What are you up to today? It is sunny where you are?

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