October Goals

Fall is officially here. There’s no ignoring it. Cooler nights. Trees turning vibrant oranges and reds. Here we are.

IMG_0835September was a great month–a great way to end the summer!

  • Spend a week in Washington (state)–check! We saw all three of the national parks in Washington, spent some good time with friends we rarely see, and generally enjoyed exploring a new place. Recaps forthcoming.
  • Start a batch of wine–totally did! Just not the type I expected to. I have a carboy full of peach wine in my kitchen right now.
  • Can tomatoes. Done and done. Good grief. We have 26 quarts of tomatoes. Overkill? Nope.
  • Practice piano–didn’t meet my goal. Sadly. But I did get a good 9.5 hours in. I’m learning the value of quality over quantity of practice. Out of necessity. Any tips from fellow musicians on the topic would be very welcome.
  • Celebrate our first anniversary. We did! Thanks to groupon, we went up to St. Ignace for a night.

October—here we come!

  • Whittle My Middle. Join me? I could use some accountability.
  • Try some new recipes out of my (newly) favored cookbook–Gourmet!
  • Practice goal–15 hours. This is my month to actually meet my practice goal. I can feel it.
  • Re-pot some herbs from the garden so I can enjoy them all winter long.
  • Vitamins. Get some Vitamin B and Vitamin D, and start shoring up for winter. This involves actually remembering to take them.

What are you up to this month?

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