Composting–An Introductory Course

Let’s talk composting. Until a couple of days ago, it scared me. I was pretty sure I would screw it up. Let’s not give in to fear, shall we?

All you need is a Rubbermaid container (mine is 21 gallons), some leaves or shredded newspaper, dirt, and kitchen scraps.

First, drill a dozen or so small holes in the bottom of your container. This is for aeration. Many thanks to my handsome husband who did all the hard work and the heavy lifting.

IMG_0773Once you have the holes in the bottom, fill about 1/4 full will newspaper, leaves, sawdust, etc.

IMG_0779Next, add dirt. Fill the container to about a third.

IMG_0780The most exciting part: add some kitchen scraps!

IMG_0783Mix it all up.

IMG_0770See how little space it takes? And it’s conveniently right outside the kitchen. Couldn’t ask for much more than that.

For some great reads and interesting info on composting, check here:

  • Young House Love–a great starter tutorial with specific information.
  • Our Green Thumb–a fun list of what to compost and what not to compost.
  • MSU Extension–info on composting egg shells. Read this one if you plan on composting egg shells!
  • Tree Hugger–ideas for diy compost bins, complete with how to videos.

I wanna know: Do you compost? Any tips for a newbie?

5 thoughts on “Composting–An Introductory Course

  1. You are a genius. Love the picture of Bob . . . kudos to him for helping out.;-) Keeping the compost in a bucket is such a great solution. I am NOT brave enough to try this until we have a little more space but can’t wait to hear how it works for you!

  2. Don’t put meat scraps in unless you want critters to come visit! 😉 We have been composting for years now. It is easy. Just put in kitchen veggie scraps and garden clippings, stir it up with a pitchfork a few times during the summer and voila–wonderful compost in the spring to add to the gardens! Have fun!

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