Blackberry Jam

I did my fair share of canning last week. Though it’s time consuming, canning and freezing fresh, local food makes me feel like a successful person. Every time each little lid pops to seal I do a little happy dance and high five whoever is nearby. No kidding.

One of Bob’s coworkers bought a house recently. At the end of his first summer there, he discovered he was the proud owner of a glorious, wild blackberry patch. He kindly offered to let us come pick our fill. And boy, did we! In total, we picked 16 lbs of blackberries this summer!

IMG_0516In exchange for his assistance in picking, Bob requested a batch of jam. And I was willing to oblige. Plus–it gave me an excuse to try my hand at a pectin free jam. Blackberries are a fruit that is naturally high in pectin, so you don’t need to add any. Win! In order to make it jell, you simply need to cook it longer.

I followed the recipe on Deep South Dish. It yields a pretty delicious jam!


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