August Recap/September Goals


Happy Labor Day! The day we officially kick out summer, and welcome my second favorite season of the year– fall. Here’s what happened in August:

  • I spent a bunch of time in a blueberry patch this summer. We ate a lot of fresh berries, and I managed to freeze a good many pounds, as well. I’m still wishing blueberry season weren’t over…
  • Elderberries. Picked some. Quickly remember what a pain they are to de-stem. I now have 6 lbs of elderberries in my freezer. A lot of time, but still not enough to be much of anything useful.
  • Bike 100 miles. Done and done.
  • Finish off my 101 recipes in 1001 days list. Done and done.
  • Strength—didn’t really happen.
  • Wedding. What a delightful weekend. It’s so good to see friends and celebrate with them.
  • Yoga in the park. Didn’t happen. No regrets.
  • Piano practice. Well….I didn’t hit 20 hours. But I did manage 10. And I found a routine that works for me. And I made some solid progress on my repertoire. All in all–I’ll take it.

September is one of my favorite months. Days are still warm, nights are cool. It’s perfect for camping, sweatshirts, and fires in the backyard. Here’s what’s up:

  • Spend a week in Washington (state). Hike a bunch. Eat good food. Enjoy time together and time with friends.
  • Start a batch of wine. Blueberry? Blackberry? Elderberry? Combination? I’ll figure it out.
  • Can tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes. I’m already 4 quarts in!
  • Practice piano–12 hours total. Doable.
  • Celebrate our first anniversary. We don’t have any big plans (reference first goal), but hope to do something special on the day of. Maybe we’ll head up to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Maybe we’ll camp. Maybe we’ll head to a drive in movie. The world is our oyster. If the weather is half as nice as it was on our wedding day, we’ll be golden.

I wanna know: What are you up to this month?


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