Saturday Morning Small Talk

Good morning, friends! It’s the weekend!

Might I recommend you start your day with Morning Yoga from Yoga with Adriene? And then check out her blog. I wish I lived in Austin so I could join her for class!

Now that I’m all awake and energetic (thanks Morning Yoga!) today holds coffee with a dear friend, (homemade) croissants, blueberry picking, chilling with friends, and….who knows what else! It’s Saturday. The world is my oyster.

I appreciated this reminder from Shauna Niequist: stop hustling. Relax. Play.

Here is a great piece from Jessie Veeder. Twenty six was her favorite age–maybe I need to live up this year bigger than I was planning! In all seriousness–she shares some great thoughts on growing up and growing older.

Make some jambalaya. Jenna’s recipe (from Gourmet!) looks great.

What are YOU up to today? Embrace life with every fiber of your being!

Happy Saturday, friends.

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