Lofthouse Cookies

Have you ever had a Lofthouse cookie? Those soft, fluffy, delicious, melt in your mouth frosted and sprinkled cookies? You know the ones I’m talking about. They taste like heaven in your mouth.

When I saw this recipe on Eat Live Run, I knew i had to try it. Frost them with a simple buttercream, and you’re on your way to taste bud bliss.

I recommend piping them onto parchment paper, instead of scooping with a spoon. If you have to choose between scooping with a spoon and not having these cookies, definitely choose the spoon. If you can pipe, do so like this:

IMG_0248They’ll look like this after a few minutes (check them after 10, don’t leave them for 12 as the recipe suggests) in the oven:

IMG_0258And then frost them…

IMG_0263And you’ll end up with light, pillow-y deliciousness. Frosted with butter cream.

Happy summer, friends!

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