May recap and June goals

Guys, time kills me. But summer has arrived! We’ve had a few really warm days, with more promised on the horizon. We’ve gone camping. I’ve seen a beach. I waded in the lake.

May flew by. And with it, so did my goals. Some of them happened!

  • I made speculaas and pot pie.
  • North Carolina was a grand success–dear friends got married, we got to see east coast friends, and even managed to do a bit of relaxing.
  • 5K training has stalled.
  • Abs….once? Maybe twice?

On to June! It’s birthday month!

  • New daily routine–workout in the morning. I get up with the husband, and usually have about 30 minutes to kill before I have to get ready to leave for work. The last month or so, I’ve been using that time to grab a few extra minutes of sleep or to read a novel. No longer! I’m going to use that time, 3 mornings a week, for exercise. I’ll run sometimes, or do some yoga, or strength train. Healthy me, here I come!
  • Three weddings! One is already down, and it was a blast. Two more to go!
  • 101 recipes challenge. The deadline is August 12. And I have 15 more recipes to go. I need to make at least half a dozen of them in June. We’re closing in on the end, here, people!
  • Get some new games created for piano studio kids.
  • Make a killer cake for my birthday. Can’t wait!
  • Get out on the lake–start learning to windsurf.

What do you have planned for June?


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