Saturday Small Talk

Last night, we spontaneously invited the husband’s sister and brother-in-law over for dinner. Pizza, wine, beer. And Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. It happened. I was miserable at the game, but it didn’t matter. We spent our evening talking and laughing and eating more pizza than 4 people probably should in one evening. All in all, a successful kick off to the weekend.

Lick the Plate. It’s all about loving lavishly and generously.

Here’s a New Approach to the Table. I can’t wait to dive into her new book on the topic! It’s sitting in my kitchen just waiting for me. Maybe this afternoon…

Speaking of the incredible Shauna Niequist, she wrote a great article about friends that live far away. Friends about whom we think, “Wish We Were Neighbors.

I found my birthday cake! I really mean it this time. This is the one. Three layers of chocolatey, snickery goodness.

Enjoy your Saturday, friends!


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