Carrot Cake

I know this isn’t new. I’ve made carrot cake before. But this time was different. This time, it’s a layer cake. And a great layer cake it is!

IMG_0008I used the same recipe because I loved it so the first time around. And I used the same recipe for frosting. It’s just so easy and it made enough to frost both layers, the sides, and the middle, with a little left over for some decorating.

Check out those carrots. How cute are they? A bit rustic, I agree. But mostly adorable.

IMG_0011 For the carrots on top, you’ll need two small ziploc bags. The one for the green stalks needs only a small corner cut off; the one for the orange carrots will need a slightly bigger one. Give it a shot! For the carrots use more pressure at the top and lessen as you go to the bottom. If you’re unsure, try a couple of carrots on a plate before you try the real deal.

This cake will easily feed a dozen people a generous helping of dessert. It would be no problem to stretch it out to feed as many as 16. See smitten kitchen for the cake recipe and her excellent direction, and Simply Recipes for the frosting.


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