March goals

February happened. Quickly, it seems. I accomplished some of my goals. But not all of them. I was refurbishing a desk, after all. I had things to do!

  • I made three of my five 101 in 1001 recipes. Not bad. March will be better, though. It has to be better!
  • No garden plans. Though I did chat with my Oma, and she was extremely helpful.
  • Exercise. That didn’t happen either, besides a couple of random gym trips. I need a race to sign up for.
  • Superbowl was a good time! As was winter carnival! Success on the fun front, at least.

What occupied my month, do you ask? Well, I got a job. I’m ridiculously excited about the organization and what I’ll be doing there. It just happened to eat up the month of February.

Onward and upward!

  • 101 in 1001–make the flat bread and Hawaiian pizza from last month’s goal. As well as 3 more recipes from The List.
  • Plan an awesome bachelorette!
  • Settle into a routine and schedule with new job and all it entails.
  • Exercise. Even just a couple of times a week. Start small. (side note–summer, please hurry. I miss daylight and running).

That’s all. Feels like a teeny list this month, but I think I’m OK with that.

Happy March, all!

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