Beef Stroganoff

I have a couple of qualifications for what I consider “good food.”

1. Generally healthy and wholesome

2. Exceptionally tasty.

In the ideal world, everything I consumed would satisfy both qualifications. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this world contains ice cream and molasses cookies. Both of which are exceptionally tasty, but lacking in the healthy and wholesome department. For such treats, I make my sacrifices. I’m a bit disappointed, however, when I make a new thing, and it satisfies neither of the above qualifications.

Stroganoff fell into that category for me.  It was good. Don’t get me wrong. It just wasn’t mmmmmmmm…..GOOD! There were no fireworks in my mouth. And since it contains almost a full stick of butter and a good bit of sour cream, all sitting in a bed of pasta, it’s not exactly what we would call health food.

IMG_2313All that said, I give it points for being a quick, weeknight dinner. From fridge/cupboard to table in less than 30 minutes.

If you’re interested in the recipe I used, check it out on Simply Recipes.

I wanna know: Ever made a recipe you weren’t crazy about? How do YOU feel about stroganoff?

5 thoughts on “Beef Stroganoff

  1. I love stroganoff and all of its variations. I have used ground beef, steak tips and pot roast for it. Mine is pretty light and uses beef stock, 2 TBSP butter, 2 TBSP flour and only 1/2 sour cream. Think beef gravy with a splash of sour.

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