February Goals

I’m hopping back on the goal-setting band wagon. It’s amazing how much more I get accomplished when I have a few goals to guide me through the month. I rarely (maybe never!) hit all my goals, but it’s amazing what a plan will help a girl accomplish!

  • 101 in 1001. I have 27 recipes to go. This means I need to tackle 4 or 5 recipes each month between now and the deadline. Here we go! This month–Jambalaya (for Mardi Gras!), red beans and rice (stick with the New Orleans theme), Hawaiian pizza, flat bread, and a dessert of some kind. TBD.
  • Plan my garden! Darcy and I are going to garden in the same spot this summer. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I need to figure out what I’m growing and in what quantity, and then order any seeds I might need.
  • Exercise. My life is evening out these days, and I need to build exercise back into my routine. The plan: 4 sessions per week of physical movement. I’m not going to limit myself to medium or duration. It’s just got to happen.
  • Superbowl! Have a great time. The end.
  • Drive up to the northland (even further up into the northland) with the husband, and have a blast at Winter Carnival.

What does February have in store for you?


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