Baked donut holes

Much like gingerbread shouldn’t be restricted to the Christmas season, pumpkin shouldn’t be utilized solely in the fall. Liberate the pumpkins, I say! I’m a sucker for any baked good that contains the sweet/savory taste of pumpkin. Wanting to give doughnut holes a try, I followed Caroline Clunk’s recipe for pumpkin spice doughnut holes. I liked the fact that they were baked (not fried), and contained a bit of whole wheat flour. Health food, people. Health food.


Lacking mini-muffin tins, I used my regular sized muffin tins. As a result, these little gems turned into pretty large doughnut holes. Let’s be honest–they’re just squat muffins. But are they tasty? Oh yes! They turned out just fine. In order to use this recipe in normal sized muffin tins, make these alterations:

  • scoop with a greased ice cream scoop. It’s the perfect size!
  • bake for 15 minutes
  • instead of immersing in butter, use a basting brush and coat the tops. You’ll need 4 Tbs of butter (not 6). Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar mixture.

Serve warm with a tall glass of milk. For full recipe and instructions, see Caroline’s post.


One thought on “Baked donut holes

  1. I keep looking and my table remains empty, do ya think the squirrels are stealing all the baked goods that Rachel, I know she is, leaving for the “Dude across the street!”

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