Christmas. New Years. My favorite.

November was pretty great, as well. Here’s a snapshot of what happened:

  • Dinner with the husband’s family on Thanksgiving Day was lovely. I made an apple pie.
  • We didn’t roast a whole turkey. I was bummed! No good sales post-Thanksgiving, so it wasn’t worth it. Maybe around Christmas we’ll get lucky?
  • I made burritos! And Chicken Tortilla Soup. And stromboli. But no potato soup or chicken and biscuits. Next month?
  • I ran a few times! Better than nothing, right?
  • I bought a few Christmas presents. We’re headed out shopping on Sunday afternoon, so maybe we can knock out a few more then.
  • Piano lesson marketing is going quite well, actually. I have a couple of new gigs thanks to the letters I sent out!


  • Decorate a Christmas tree. Our first Christmas tree! And my first live Christmas tree since I moved out of my parents’ house. This is big.
  • Make some goodies! I want to try to make my own almond paste and then make some yummy Christmas treats with it. Also, keep cooking and crossing things off the list. Things like potato soup, chicken and biscuits, and chicken pot pie.
  • Keep moving. And moving. And moving. Run some. Swim some. Go to at least one yoga class.
  • Avoid last minute Christmas presents. At all costs.
  • Enjoy a lovely Christmas week of changed routine, time off of work, and the opportunity to hang out with family and friends. Let’s knock off some of the things on our igloo list, shall we?
  • Piano lesson marketing! Push for new students to start in January by placing ads a couple of places and refreshing the ads I’ve placed already (ahem…criagslist).

I wanna know: What are you up to this month? Anything special and out of the ordinary?

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