Saturday Small Talk

Today feels like my third Saturday in a row. I’m not complaining. I could go for 4 day weekends more often. Especially 4 day holiday weekends. They seem so luxurious. Time is your own. You can be a bit lazy. Indulge. No guilt.

Today, I’m holding down a piano bench in a coffee shop, playing some Christmas cheer over lunch. If you’re a local, stop by the Shay and say hello!

A friend shared this cheesecake recipe. She says it’s easy AND tasty. I’m going to give it a shot one of these days. Confession: cheesecake scares me.

Wondering what to do with your turkey leftovers? Skip the sandwich, and give this soup a try.

From the Storyline Blog: John Sowers wrote a great piece about finding the words to write. Also, Can A Person Be Judged by their Bookshelf? The latter resonates, as I just unpacked my books and gave them a new home in my new home. What joy! I had a great time pulling each one out and placing it on the shelf. Remembering stories. Circumstances. Lessons learned. Inspiration. Reading notes written. How I love books.

Happy Saturday, everyone. I hope you’re enjoying the start of the Christmas season as much as I am!

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