Saturday Small Talk

Is it really the weekend before Thanksgiving? How did that happen? I know Thanksgiving is early this year, but honestly!

This weekend, I’m hanging out in Indiana and loving it. Good food, good conversations, good friends. I can’t ask for much more than this! This refreshment and perspective is exactly what I needed!

I want to give curtain making a shot for our kitchen windows. This DIY from Fika Home is really helpful!

Check out these mini meatloafs. So adorable, and so tasty looking!

I’m always on the lookout for an easy, fluffy biscuit recipe. I’ve tried biscuits a couple of times, and haven’t quite reached “light and fluffy.” Maybe this recipe from love and olive oil is where it’s at!

Christmas recipes are coming! Christmas recipes are coming! These Avalanche Bark Bars look simply amazing. Part chocolate, part peanut butter, part marshmallow, part rice crispies. Amazing.

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