Saturday Small Talk

It’s not every day one gets to celebrate her Oma (dutch for ‘grandma’) turning 75. But for me, today is that day. In this case, celebration equals going out for breakfast. It will be wonderful.

Other wonderful things include this recipe for butternut squash fries. They look interesting. I want to try them strictly based on the intrigue factor.

Katy over at the Non-Consumer Advocate always has something inspiring and challenging to say. Her post Overspend Here, Underspend There really resonated with me. Maybe because it’s how I tend to do things? Regardless, it’s a little bit of food for thought.

I can’t wait to try these Blueberry Almond Meringues. They look adorable (my meringues never look adorable), and I bet they’re super tasty!

Enjoy your weekend! Any Halloween plans out there?


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