Saturday Small Talk

Saturday again! Yay! After having one of the most productive Fridays of my life, I’m ready for a bit of relaxation. This morning, I’m grabbing coffee with a friend (and checking out the coffee shop in town!) Then later tonight, I’m off to celebrate Halloween a couple of weeks early.

I’m planning on making a big batch of these pumpkin cookies for sharing. Yum yum.

This past week, I used some leftover chicken to make fajitas. This marinade is a win!

Slowly but surely, I’m attempting to green up my life. If I can make it myself, and it works just as well, I would rather not buy it packaged from a store. The Non-Consumer Advocate has a list of 10 ways you can go (more) green, and as a result, you might save some green.

Some shameless self-promotion! I’m striking out into the land of self-employment and would love to recruit some piano students in Northern Michigan. Check out my website if you want more info, or pass it on to someone who might be interested.

Can you believe we’re rocketing toward the end of October? An article on shares why October might be the most critical month for your personal budget.

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