The Galette that was not

Galette. It’s a fancy (French) word for tart. It looks rustic. And tasty. Like this one Marcie made. Pretty, right?

Mine started out OK. I toasted my almonds.

I chopped my strawberries.

I rolled my dough and piled everything on top.

And folded up the edges.

So far so good, yeah? Well, in the process of baking, it acted like a volcano and came out looking like a crumbled mess. Tasty. But messy.

Dear reader, I don’t know what went awry. Was my dough not thin enough? Did I use too many berries? One thing I know for certain is it was a mistake to move it  from one surface to another before baking, and another mistake to move it after baking. Much like a pie, assemble, bake, and serve this dessert in all the same dish. Transporting will not work. The scoreboard officially reads Galette-1, Rachel-0.

Click here for the recipe. Let me know if you have more luck than I did!

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