It’s September, folks! You know what that means? It’s wedding month! P.S. Happy Labor Day!

So, what happened in August, you ask?

  • Send out wedding invitations: check!
  • I moved myself and all my worldly possessions to Michigan.
  • I’ve made a bit of headway on the job front. I have a very part time job, with the potential of another part-time job. Hopefully I’ll know more very soon!
  • Networking piano studio and accompanying. Not so much. But I’m on my way! I have new business cards (new last name!) and a new email address (new last name!).
  • I’ve only had the kayak out a couple of times this month. September will be better! There are plans to practice flipping next weekend.
  • Drive in movie. Didn’t happen in August. Did happen in the first couple days of September.
  • Camping! Yes! So wonderful. Brown County, Indiana- highly recommended!
  • Biking. Not really.
  • Lake Michigan. Didn’t happen in August. Did happen this past weekend!

Lots of big changes is past month. It’s all still very strange, but very exciting! I have a feeling September will be more of the same.

  • Get married! I have to wait all the way until the end of the month. It’ll be here fast, though. Right? I want to stay in the moment as much as possible during wedding weekend. Easier said than done.
  • Accomplish wedding to-do list.
  • Find and start a part time job.
  • Publicize new piano studio around town.
  • Have a blast at my bachelorette party (next weekend)!
  • Edit blog to reflect all the new life changes. This calls for a new banner! And maybe a cake.
  • Get back into an exercise routine. It’s fallen by the wayside this summer. Kayak, bike, swim. Maybe even slowly add some running.
  • Enjoy all the fresh summer produce at the farmer’s market. Preserve what I can for winter.
  • Cook. Obviously.

Enjoy September, friends!

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