Summer, thus far

August first. Look at that. Let’s recap some summer, shall we? Since June 1st, I’ve done a fair amount of cooking.

I’ve celebrated some pretty amazing life milestones.

  • Birthday! I’m twenty five now, and celebrated by making my first cake!
  • Engaged! To a really wonderful man, no less.

In between, I’ve gone to the beach with dear friends, enjoyed many a sunset on my back porch, read many books, made dinner for other dear friends, enjoyed a mini family reunion, and alerted my Indiana places of employment that I am moving.

The good news– summer’s not over yet, friends! This is just the halfway point. This month, I plan on:

  • Sending out wedding invitations
  • Moving to Michigan
  • Finding a job, even part time/short term would be great!
  • Starting to make connections in Cadillac for teaching and accompanying opportunities
  • Enjoying my kayak and learning how to flip it
  • Going to a drive-in movie
  • Camping with a friend in Brown County, Indiana
  • Biking, in addition to the swimming I’ve been doing
  • Spending a day at Lake Michigan (who wants to come?!)

It’ll be a good month! What are you planning on doing to wring the most happiness out of the last bit of summer?

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