Saturday Small Talk

How great was the opening ceremony last night? Loved it. I’m a huge fan of the Olympics! The patriotism, the excitement, the global unity. It’s a beautiful thing.

Today, I’m going to be a plus one for my dear roommate at a wedding she’s in. Because it’s in Nappannee, I’m going to hit up one of my favorite coffee shops in northern Indiana and spend a couple of hours job hunting and wedding project-ing.

Question: are you sick of writing a check(s) each month just to cover debts (before you even get to the rest of your bills and expenses)? School, car, credit card… it can add up quickly! Here’s a post explaining how to get rid of debt permanently, written nice and concisely!

Grab a binder clip. Here are 10 (creative) ways to use it around the house!

This will make you smile. 5 guys. 1 piano. Watch the video!

Zucchini bread pancakes. They sound delightful. I really love pancakes AND zucchini bread, so I might be predisposed and biased. The combination of the two makes my head spin with the idea of it!

If you haven’t had enough blueberry recipes this week (*cough* blueberry chicken *cough* blueberry mini pies) check out this yummy looking cobbler.

Happy weekending!

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