Summer Favorites

Summer screams for relaxation, for long days, lounging in the sun. There are things in this world that are improved upon in the summer. There just are. Here are some of my favorites!

Favorite brew:

Favorite semi-healthy dessert:

Favorite (easy) updo:

Favorite decor DIY:

Favorite repurpose:

Favorite s’more dessert (besides the real deal, obviously):

all crafts How To Make Smores Pops {smores recipe}

Favorite Map Art:

This is a great idea. Lay a world map over 3 canvas, cut into 3 pieces. Coat each canvas with Mod Podge and wrap the maps around them like presents. Let dry and hang on the wall about 2" away from each other.    I also like the idea of adding pins to all the places you've been.Favorite Ice Cream Sundae Genius:

Dip balloons into chocolate.  Pop when harden.  Add ice cream.  Sit back and watch people marvel at your genius.

Favorite Salad:

Salad in a jar. As long as dressing and lettuce do not touch in the jar, they can be made 4-5 days in advance while staying fresh with the lid screwed tight.

I wanna know: What are your favorites this summer?

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