Birthday Cake

Birthdays are the best. Once a year, you get a chance to celebrate you. Your life. Your experiences. Your relationships. Once a year, you have an excuse to call the shots. To tell your people where or what you’re eating. To make them do all sorts of ridiculous things in the name of the Birthday. And not feel guilty about it. Beautiful.

This year, I truly felt celebrated and special. It was such a delight! I have a jar of quarters sitting on my desk in honor of being 25. The wall behind my work chair is filled with signatures and encouraging notes from people that I care for. I had flowers delivered to me. And I baked a cake.

I was that person. The one who bakes her own birthday cake. In my defense, I had such a good time! I baked, then people came to my house and ate my cake. And stood in my kitchen. And sat at my table. We talked, and we laughed, and we ate cake. And it was a birthday. A celebration. The best present I could have asked for (besides this one, of course).

This cake was not overly complicated. The directions were clearly written. It comes from smitten kitchen, what do you expect? And tasty! I can’t even tell you. Classic, yellow cake, frosted with chocolate. Slightly sour, bitter chocolate frosting. But so unique!

(Coolest trick ever: parchment paper on the bottom of your cake. No more sticking cake bottom!)

Best Birthday Cake, indeed.

Here’s to birthdays! To celebrating life! To feeding people you love! To reveling!

(Lick your mixer beaters)

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