Twenty Five

Happy birthday to me! This is going to be a good year. A good year, indeed. Because it started this weekend with…

…a proposal.

…a ring.…a toast.

…to forever and for always.

Yes. A resounding yes.

Tonight, there will be cake with the company of dear friends. Until then, I’m being bestowed with serenades and gifts and hugs and smiles. Glorious life!

P.S. Many thanks for E and A for the proposal photos!

8 thoughts on “Twenty Five

  1. RACHEL!!! Congrats! I am not going to lie…over these last months as you’ve posted stealthy photos and mentioned only “the boyfriend” I wondered if it was him! I never would have guessed but I’m excited for both of you! Marriage is the best thing ever! Many blessings to you both, looking forward to continuing to follow you along this new journey!

    • Thanks, Kate! We’re so excited! Any wedding planning advice for the greater Cadillac area? Looking forward to hearing news of your new little one!

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