Saturday Small Talk

Even though I have to work this weekend, the fact that it is Saturday fills me with joy. A Saturday at the office is still a Saturday and it feels different. Saturday is the new Friday. Or something.

What are you doing with your Saturday? I hope that you’re outside enjoying the sunshine. Reading a book. Spending time with people you love.

Speaking of, read this book. You won’t be sorry. It’s a good reminder that a life is to be celebrated. The good stuff. The bad stuff. The mundane stuff. This is your life. Live it up!

The Piano Guys have a new video. I dare you not to smile as you watch it. If you like it, watch this one. You’ll be hooked before long. Just give in.

Let’s talk about food. I want some new (awesome) food blogs to follow. Recommend some. That’s not to say I’m going to turn my back on the old favorites. I can’t miss out on recipes like this: IGE combines kale, bacon, and pasta. Yum. For dessert, Brown Eyed Baker has a recipe for hot fudge sauce. This will probably make an appearance once I finish the Hershey dark sauce in my fridge. It IS summer, after all.

Once I get knee rehabbed  a bit, I might have to give this yoga site a try. Just take a tour. Beautiful. Thanks, Amanda!

Since I can’t run (aforementioned knee), I’m swimming more. I found a site that gives you pool workout ideas. I did 2 week three workouts this week. Maybe I’ll work up to a mile?

Ann Voskamp’s “When you are feeling overwhelmed…”

I hope that your weekend is filled with rest and relaxation and joy, friends!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk

  1. Catching up on your blog….I’ve been wondering about that book! When did you get it? Why did you get it? Should I get it? Etc. Elaborate please.

    • I got it from the library. It was my second read through. I don’t want to recommend you purchase it (just in case it’s not your thing!), but a borrow from the library might be your ticket.

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