Carrot Bread

I’ve never tasted carrot bread before. Zucchini bread: yes. Banana bread: yes. Pumpkin bread: most definitely. Carrot bread: no. I didn’t even known one could make bread out of carrots. Apparently it’s a thing. And how delighted I am someone decided this is a thing!

Despite the fact that “carrot” in the title, and there are, indeed, carrots in the bread, this is not health food. Let me state that disclaimer up front. Not health food. Now that we have that small detail out of our way, let’s enjoy how tasty this is, shall we?

The recipe for this quick bread comes from Heather Christo, who guest blogged it on Eat, Live, Run.

This bread is all things sweet and delicious. The perfect accompaniment to a mid-morning cup of coffee or tea. Or a midnight snack. Or a midday pick me up. Anytime, really. That’s the point here, friends. This is an all around great quick bread. It’s unique. It’s sweet. It’s tasty.


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