Saturday Small Talk

The first weekend of June. Here’s to many happy, joyous summer weekends ahead! I’m kicking off the first weekend of the first month of summer in the way that it truly deserves: a beach day with a dear friend. The weather promises to be mid-seventies and sunny. Perfect!

After the beach, let’s roast strawberries and make cake. Or freeze strawberries and mix them with cream.

If strawberries aren’t your thing, make some blueberry cheesecake bars. They look just as tasty.

Iowa Girl Eats says: Iā€™m going to try and spend some time outdoors everyday over the next three months…to unplug, get away from the madness of everyday life, and just enjoy. That way I can look back in August and know I did all I could.

Challenge accepted. Everyday. Some time outdoors. This is summer, after all! Today: check!

Do you read? Do you wish you read more? Join your local library’s summer reading club– not just for 7 year old kids. Some libraries offer really great incentive prizes and drawings just for participating!

Honey Balsamic Strawberry Galette. Beautiful photos. Delectable looking recipe. You should probably take a gander at the whole blog: honey & jam.

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