Basil Hummus

I (miraculously) kept a potted basil alive all winter. Sadly, it hasn’t had any new growth on it for a few months. It’s dying. As its final act, a basil dip was in order. Basil hummus. Specifically.

This recipe is a great twist on a basic favorite. The only weird ingredient that you need is tahini (sesame paste). And yes, you need tahini. You can make hummus without it, but you’ll regret it. Look for tahini at a grocery store that has a decent international foods selection.

This recipe is so easy–less than 10 minutes easy. You can use a food processor, blender, or immersion blender. I went the immersion route. Obviously. Process chick peas and basil together first. Then add olive oil, tahini, a bit of water, and some salt. Mix it all up, and you’re good to go!

Dip your favorite veggies, or use it as a spread for crackers or bread. Try it on fish! Hummus is versatile. The sky is the limit!

For the complete recipe, head over to Daily Garnish. Follow Emily’s directions, and you’ll be on your way to hummus bliss!



5 thoughts on “Basil Hummus

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