Roadtrip eatin’

I road trip. Kind of a lot. Between trips to Iowa and trips to Michigan and other random trips, I spend a good bit of time in the car. And I love it!

Here are some things to keep in mind if you don’t to sacrifice your calories, waistline, and health before reaching your destination.

1. Always be prepared (like a boy scout)

Pack snacks! Bring healthy and tasty things like pieces of fruit, carrots, celery, granola, bars, pretzels or crackers. Avoid foods that are high in sugar, as they will cause your blood sugar to spike. If it spikes drastically, it will crash just as drastically. Don’t drive tired! Also, if you’re prepared with food in the car, you won’t be as apt to impulse purchase junk food at a gas station. Good for your body and your wallet!

2. Stop at a grocery store (when you need lunch)

Don’t feel like packing a whole meal? Don’t have a lot of time to stop? Hit up a grocery store! The deli will often have wrapped sandwiches and salads. Perks of a grocery store: healthier ingredients, cheaper price, you get to stretch your legs!

3. There are healthy alternatives (if fast food is a must)

Stop at Subway or Jimmy Johns instead of McDonald’s. Order a salad instead of a whopper. Try a bowl of chili instead of those fries-it’s gluten free and chock full of protein!

4. Bring your own beverage (they’re expensive)

Take a water bottle with you. Bring some packets of Gatorade or crystal lite. Bring a tea bag or some instant coffee (Starbucks via is great!) and a travel mug. Gas stations will often let you fill up a water bottle or thermos with cold or hot water (especially if you just filled up on gas there.)

I wanna know: Do you have any helpful tips to add for eating on the road?

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