Coffee Confessions

Good morning! It’s tea for me. Not coffee. Trader Joes Mint Melange tea, to be specific.

Yesterday afternoon, I had great intentions of getting some cooking done for the week, and, in turn, a couple of blog posts scheduled (exciting things coming!) My head had different plans for me, as it felt like a vice grip was squeezing my temples all afternoon. A little research later and I discovered that headaches caused by drastic changes in barometric pressure are totally a thing. Who knew?

Tonight, I get a (unexpected) yoga class. Oh happy day! And then after that, the local pub is having a great deal on pints. I will most likely end up there. Mondays are for celebrating, no?

My baby plants are doing so well this year! Now to find them a garden home. They might end up in Michigan without me. Or in a bunch of buckets that get transported. We’ll see! Anyone have a bunch of planters and/or buckets laying around that they want to donate to the cause of me and my little garden? 🙂

I made bread this weekend. For the first time in…..2 months? Close to two months. I love kneading bread. It’s soothing. Something about mixing ingredients. Pushing it around in your hands. Turning it into bread. It’s beautiful, really.

Happy Mondays, all! May you find joy in your day!


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