Well hello, April. Way to sneak up on me like that. My thoughts on the matter? I’m all in favor. Bring on Easter (I love Easter), flowers, gardens, and sunshine.

My goals for this month include:

  • Continuing to whittle my middle. I want to build that plank to a solid 90 seconds.
  • Run a 10k! I have two great options for races. I just need to register, train, and show up.
  • Bike. Unearth the poor thing from basement, inflate its tires, and get my bum in shape. Quite literally. Triathlon is coming!
  • Enjoy a lovely, long weekend in Michigan celebrating Easter and my guy’s birthday.
  • And of course, I’ll do some cooking. I need to keep knocking recipes off the 101 in 1001: I still have over half of the recipes left! In honor of Easter festivities, I think some Lofthouse-esque cookies are in order. In addition, I might try my hand at legit chicken cacciatore, curry, biscuits, and brussel sprouts. We’ll see what the month brings!
  • Finish Persuasion. I started it. And it’s on my 30 before 30 list to read a Jane Austen novel. So now I need to finish it.
  • Garden! I have some tomato and pepper sprouts started on my window seat, and they need to find outdoor homes. In addition, I want to plant some greens and some other veggies.

I wanna know: What are you up to this month?

2 thoughts on “April!

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