Saturday Small Talk

Well hello there! Let’s make breakfast. I highly recommend these carrot cake pancakes. It’s like dessert. For breakfast.

Slow never killed time. It’s the the rushing and racing, the trying to catch up, this is what kills time — ourselves. Why in the world do we keep wounding ourselves? -Ann Voskamp

In the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Donald Miller shares some stories of his friend, Bob Goff. Here’s an excerpt of his upcoming book Love Does: It’s the Journey that Makes the Coming Home Sweet.

A lovely, wise woman wrote about 5 secrets to a happy heart. Happiness is so simply complex, it’s mind boggling. And wonderful.

Kristen Armstrong regularly shares great perspective on time and family life and running. This week’s reminder: hold the ordinary close and tight.

If you could dedicate just 15 minutes of each day to one thing, you could see surprising results. Emily did!

Read (or written?) something interesting on the world wide web this week? Feel free to share!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk

  1. Ya know you were right across the street. I waited for a special knock on the door with a plate of something which you created. I was disappointed.
    Dude across the street

    • I’m a bad neighbor. HOWEVER, I do believe that Mom invited you to our humble abode for a lovely dessert (that I created). And you didn’t come. So that makes you an equally bad neighbor. I’ll make better choices over Easter weekend, I recommend that you do the same 🙂

      • ya know we have issues with cats and my lovely bride was still recuperating from her last issue. i wouldnt leave my winggirl of 34 years, thought for sure the youngsters would see to taking care of the dude across the street…….wow I was over it and now I having a relapse…

      • My apologies for not being more understanding. I won’t make the same mistake twice 🙂 And you shall receive dessert next time I’m home. ~Girl from Indiana.

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