Saturday Small Talk

Another week, come and gone. This weekend finds me with my guy in the cornfields of Iowa, reveling in the novelty of springtime. A hockey game, a St. Patty’s celebration, omelets for breakfast, dinner out. Sunshine on a warm new-spring day, fellowship with church friends, beer from the north country. Smiling, side by side, hands held tight. Good weekend.

If you’re on the lookout for weekend (life) inspiration, Ann Voskamp wrote a lovely piece about weekends being for joy in the simple things. Her whole blog is wonderful. Give yourself time and space to get lost in it. You won’t be sorry.

Feeling the urge to spring clean? Here’s a post about 10 ways to spring clean your life. 

These and these look positively delectable. Give in to peer pressure and do some baking.

Make a joy box! I’m going to make one, I just have to hunt up a box.

If you’re feeling a bit more health conscious than cupcakes, Anne posted a Mexican Quinoa dish that looks tasty (and easy to make!)

I hope your weekend is wonderful!

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