Whip those habits into shape

Healthy habits are hard to form. And not-so-healthy habits just sneak up on you, unannounced. All rude like. As such, I sometimes have to look over the habits I have and figure out why they’re there (or not there), and how to fix it.

Last month, my goal to whittle my middle was a major fail. Regular ab work is a habit that I’d like to develop, and it wasn’t going well. After a couple of minutes pondering the problem, I attributed it to the fact that I didn’t have a way to track my progress.

This month, I’ve altered my course. I’m a bit Type A, and so charts are my go-to solution for just about everything. They fill my soul with joy. It’s the (sad) truth of the matter. So, I made a chart!

If you have a habit that you’d like to form, use some creativity and figure out what will help you stay motivated. Crossing days off on a calendar? Stickers? An app on your phone? A journal? Whatever you choose, make it tactile and put it somewhere that you’ll see it regularly.

And then there’s a bad habit that I’ve unintentionally slid into: mindless munching. I’ve figured out that most of this occurs while I’m doing something else: talking on the phone, browsing the interwebs, reading, watching TV, etc.

So here’s the new game plan: with the exception of one snack in the evenings that is portioned in advance (i.e. no open bags of chips or Tupperware containers of granola), all of my food will be consumed while sitting at the table. Not while sitting on the couch. Not while standing by the kitchen counter. Or while walking out the door to my car. At the table.

Without a bit of thought and a plan, our lives can get taken over by habits that we want to get rid of and habits that we wish we had. Don’t give in!

I wanna know: What’s a good habit that you have formed recently? Any that you wish you could get rid of?

6 thoughts on “Whip those habits into shape

  1. Not sure if it’s a “habit” but is my new doing. It has taken about two years to actually fit in my little house. It now is in a closet, a drawer, a cupboard, or on a shelf. Even have empty spaces. The new deal is that if I bring something in then something has to go out. That way there is always the same ratio of stuff to space. Is working well. The lack of clutter is my reward and motivator to keep at it.

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