Achieving Your Goals: Blogging for Motivation and Inspiration

You may have noticed that I really enjoy blogging my monthly goals. It keeps me on track. Keeps me doing things. The act of writing them down gives me the motivation to hold myself to the goals, no matter how small.

Today, we welcome guest blogger, Melanie Bowen, a contributor at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog, to share a bit about the correlation between goal setting and blogging. Even if you don’t blog, there are many tips that you can glean with regards to your dreams and goals. Without further ado, here’s Melanie!


Everyone has goals they wish to accomplish in their lifetime or dreams they hope to be able to achieve someday. For individuals with life-threatening conditions, such autoimmune illnesses or mesothelioma cancer, the desire to accomplish life goals can be pressing. Even when the prognosis is optimistic, these individuals often feel the need to take control of their lives by setting out to achieve their hopes and dreams. And while individuals and their goals may differ, everyone can benefit from learning helpful ways to achieve their hopes and dreams.


According to the Harvard Business Review, the first step towards achieving personal goals are to write them down. Having a tangible reminder of all you hope to accomplish can serve as constant motivation and inspiration for achieving your hopes and dreams. Creating a blog is a great way to list your goals, as well as the steps you plan to take in achieving them.

The benefits of blogs are numerous, and include the following:

Support and Motivation

Blogging offers a support system in the form of online friends and fellow bloggers. Typically, online friends are people you don’t know personally, and this can encourage openness and honesty. Moral support is vital when it comes to reaching goals of any kind, and by offering objective advice, feedback, support and accountability, online friends can play an integral role in your goal-attaining process.


Following and befriending other like-minded bloggers is a great way to stay inspired along the way to attaining your goals. By seeing how others accomplish goals similar to yours, you can get a better idea of how to achieve your own. The progress and success of others can also give you hope when you’re feeling discouraged.

Tangible Progress

Achieving goals takes time, energy and hard work. Many people focus only on the end result, which can leave them feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. In order to avoid this, chart all the progress you make in achieving your goals. Celebrating small victories will keep you focused, and seeing your progress in print will leave you feeling motivated and in control.

Think Small

Most people suffering from an illness cite health as their ultimate goal. However, it’s just as important to set smaller goals as well. These goals can include learning a craft, such as knitting, visiting a destination, learning a foreign language or owning your own home. Realizing these types of hopes and dreams will give you the motivation and self-esteem necessary to take on more significant goals and obstacles. By accomplishing smaller goals, tackling larger goals won’t seem as much of a task. You’ll also learn which methods work best for you, and you’ll enjoy a fuller, richer life along your path to recovery.


If you want to read more from Melanie, head on over to the Mesothelioma blog for a hearty dose of optimism and inspiration.

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