Leap day!

This is a day that we get to enjoy but once every 4 years. This is an occasion. An occasion not to go unnoticed. And so here I am, noticing it.

February has been a good month. It seems like it was over in a flash. Bring on March (and spring!)

  • I am loving my new budget plan. It’s working! I’m tweaking it as I go to better suit my purposes. Most important: I’m sticking to it.
  • I made a chocolate cake out of black beans. I attempted another gluten free dessert, but it was something of a flop. And edible flop. But still not blog worthy.
  • I finished my taxes! Oh happy day! Done and done for 2011.
  • I made pasta sauce. So easy.
  • Whittle My Middle. Total fail.
  • I crossed 6 recipes off my 101 list. Not bad for a month’s work.
  • I’m getting back into running. I found a kick butt class at a local gym that I plan on going to for the foreseeable future. Love it!

February was a pretty good month, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m a more than a bit excited about spring. Even though we haven’t really had winter here, I’m ready for it to be done. Normally winter looks like this:

It’s pretty. I can go snowshoeing. And skiing. That helps make winter tolerable.

This year, not so much. It’s been quite drab and not snowy at all. Bring on spring! This month, I will:

  • Whittle My Middle. 5 days a week. For the 4 full weeks of March.
  • More new recipes. Ideas: chicken cacciatore, meatballs, chana masala, kale chips, teriyaki chicken, tomato soup, white chicken chili. We’ll see what actually gets made.
  • Finish off my couch to 5k plan, and run a full 3.1 miles. After I finish 3 miles I intend to keep going, with the ultimate goal of 3 miles being a normal weekday run, and 6 miles being doable on the weekends.
  • Sign up for a triathlon for the summer.
  • Travel! I have plans for a weekend in Iowa and a long weekend in Washington, DC.

I wanna know: What was your favorite part of February? What are you looking forward to in March?

One thought on “Leap day!

  1. This post is brilliant! I should have done a Leap Year-Day post. Cannot wait for that very last bullet point. Also, pretty please e-mail me an extensive detailing of this budget plan.

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