Words of Wisdom (from one turned 60)

More often than not, your neighbors are just “the people that live next door.” You know the kind. You know their names. You might agree to feed their cat while they’re on vacation. But that’s about it. Occasionally, really occasionally, you strike it rich when you move. Not only do you get a new house, but you get the neighbors that go along with it.

We fell in the “strike it rich” category when my family moved to a nearby town 5-ish years ago. Really. We hit a gold mine in the neighbor department. Our neighbors are the kind that are more like family. The kind you celebrate holidays with. The kind that are there through thick and thin. And things can get pretty thick sometimes.

This weekend, the guy across the street turned 60. And he shared some words of wisdom with me (28, to be exact).

  • “Get cash, keep cash.” In other words: work hard (get paid) and save your money (don’t spend it all). Read this book if you’re really wanting to get in control of your finances.
  • In the same vein, he also says, “Buy low, sell high.” Invest your money. Wisely.  You do want to retire sometime, right?
  • “Think more.” Definitely not less.
  • “Green side up.” When laying sod, it’s always a good idea to put the green side up. The moral of the story: work hard and do a good job at whatever you’re doing. Even if you don’t enjoy it, being faithful in the small things will pay dividends toward your future.
  • “At 31, you’ll know what to do with your life.” This is comforting. I have 7 more years to figure it out.
  • “We always need to improve.” Don’t stop learning or growing. Ever.


I wanna know: Do you have any other pithy quotes to add to the list?

One thought on “Words of Wisdom (from one turned 60)

  1. Does a Bear poop in the woods, why of course I have many additional witty comments for you. Of course you must know that most I have borrowed from others during my trip to 60. Oh and by the way a Bear can poop anywhere he wants.

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